Our Team

Madis Avi
Managing Director


Paavo Pärn
Export Manager
Kairi Neuhoff


Else Källo


Meriliin Toome
Office assistant
Erkki Tuisk
Marketing Manager


Simo Sirk
Project Manager


Janek Tšuškin
Project Manager
Toomas Timmermann
Project Manager
Kaido Kreek
Project Manager
Raul Aripmann
Chief Strucural Design Engineer / Project Manager
Kaupo Tennokese
Sructural Design Engineer/BIM Manager



Roman Zinovjev
Structural Design Engineer



Raili Rei
Structural Design Engineer




Jane Edovald
Structural Design Engineer
Tea Sööt
Structural Design Engineer
Galina Missai
Structural Design Engineer
Roman Hruljov
Structural Design Engineer
Aarne Mõttus
Tekla Engineer
Lembit Tork
Chief Architect



Gea Hein


Marit Aripmann


Anni Veske
Evely Nurk

Allan Pintson

Piret Pallase
Landscape Architect
Toomas Siilak

Igor Smoljakov

Raini Sults

Kristo Põlluaas

Triin Kukk

Evelin Anto
Chief MEP Engineer
Tatjana Ivanova
Water Supply and Sewerage Engineer
Anne Liukonen
Water Supply and Sewerage Engineer
Maarja Pitsi
Heating and ventilation Engineer
Janno Ainsoo

Diana Dobrjanskaja
Heating and ventilation Engineer

Karl-Erik Jakobsoo
Managing Director (Sirkel & Mall Geodeesia OÜ)
Priidu-Evert Pärna
Geodesy Project Manager
Toomas Ever
Land Surveyor
Ivan Dubkov
Land Surveyor
Gert Kaljuste
Land Surveyor

Emil Haljend
Land Surveyor

Joosep Viik
3D modelling

Helet Loodus
Land Surveyor

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