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Are you an architect or engineer?

Are you doing what the “bosses” are telling?
Is there more work than you can do?
Deadlines are overdue, clients are pissed off, no one cares!


Sirkel & Mall is your way out!

  • Best part of your day will be fun and interesting
  • You will belong to a professonal team
  • You will get to plan your own time (lean principles)
  • You will be a part of international projects
  • We have a motivational developing program (continuous improvement)
  • With us you have the freedom to choose suitable projects, working time and methods
  • We are replacing efforts with challenges
  • We are changing your everyday work to a pleasent hobby
  • Have you ever considered becoming a freelances? Come to us – we will help


Sirkel & Mall is waiting for you with ambitious team, events and mativational packet.

Send us you contact – we will reach out to you!

Excellent team, demanding customers and challenging projects – all offered at Sirkel & Mall.

Sirkel & Mall is looking for aspiring engineers who want to accomplish great things in life. Creative mind and knowledge are important for us. Our greatest asset is our team – the people who are around us every day – we are not about mediocrity. The team around You today, determines where and who You are after ten years.

Sirkel & Mall was founded in 2005 and today we have over 30 highly qualified specialists in our team. We are in constant evolution and improve our companys goal of continuous improvement by relying on Kaizens principles. The companys structure is sustainably built and balance scorecard is used in managing by which the companys vision and strategic goals are in line with the teams personal goals.

We have a good reputation, strong values, sustainable structur and smart design solutions. By that we have created a strong customer base and can grow our volume of export to the Scandinavian market with every year.

It doesn’t matter wheter You are an architect, strucural design engineer or a MEP engineer – if You feel like You should be a part of an international companys project team and take a next step on a career ladder, feel free to contact us!