Nõlvaku nursery

Author:Marit Vendel


Project type:Public buildings

Nõlvaku nursery is located in Saue parish, Laagri borough. The building was designe as a passive house, which sets certain conditions for buildings shape, arrangement and the openings to the external borders. The goal was to take advantage of as much solar energy as possible to achieve a low thermal conductivity and high airtightness.

There are six group rooms in the building (up to 24 children in each group). The building also features a swimming pool, a gymnastics room, a music room, creativity room, kitchen complex and other rooms according to the room program and public health requirements. The room placement is based on passive house principles.

The building is designed in collaboration with Aleksei Petrov.

Technical specifications:
Land area: 4409 m²
Building area: 986 m²
Closed gross area: 1782,0 m²
Year of designing: 2010 m²
Year of construction: 2011/2012 m²