The architectural design is based on a building code, standards and regulations. The goal in architectural design  is the creation of a complete solution of a building or a facility. The complete solution includes the location of the premises, linkage, interior design and the visual appearance of the building. Exteriors solution is related to the way it fits into the surrounding environment, which is the customers desire and materials they would like to use and restrictions/prescriptions to the land/estate.

The architectural project is prepared in cooperation with the architect, the client, and engineers from other departments in collaboration with the local government.

The projects composing time from the preparation to the bulfing permit, for example, depends on the size of the property, the location the local goverments administrative capacity and co-operation with other intrested parties.

The project composing need a digital geodetic base plan 1: 500, and the conditions set out on a property.

Building design


Interior architecture

Structuraal design

Heating and ventilation

Water supply and sewerage

Power supply and weak current

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Geodetic survey


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