About Us

Our principles

Knowledge based team member

We divide specialists into two teams – the ones who use brain and knowledge and the ones use their skills and get the work done for the specified time. The bigger the work experience and knowledge the bigger the freedom and chance to choose your own working methods. Of course freedom also entails responsibility.

Teams instead of departments

We do not have departments (architectural, structural, MEP) in our company anymore. We great teams for each individual projects based on the need. Team is formed when the client has agreed to order from us. Chosen team sets the timeline and estimates the total time that will be spent on the project. This is a indication for the sales person.

Management does not sell projects and force teams to fulfill the timeline and fallow the budget. Teams decide which projects they want to do. Sales people just find the possible clients and keep the communication going. Team is taking commitment by accepting the project. In team everybody has the same goal – to get the project done as perfect as possible.

Management supports not commands

We have changed the management position in our company. Management is not on the top of the company and do not give orders to others what to do. Management supports our team. Management takes care all of the things which are important for designers to do their work well (place to work, IT, software, processes, sales work, contracts, salaries, etc).

Consulting company – common interest

Many companies can be designing companies , but it is a whole different level to be a consultant company. As an architect you have to be clever, have great ideas and give an extra value to the project – you must be a great consultant as well. Otherwise you are just a designer who is doing  only what the client wants and do not offer different solutions.

Teamwork matters – client wins. IPD

In the company the tasks are shared wisely. The team effort matters in the designing team and also in the company scale. The saving effect in design phase and in construction phase will be achieved when goals are set to the team not to the individuals.

80% occupied, 20% for changes and extras

We never occupy our team 100%, because we know that each project has changes, corrections and extras in the end. It is good to have this time planned in advance. Otherwise you will steal this time from other upcoming projects and then all projects face a delay and the clients will be unhappy. Also the extra time takes away the stress from designers. They can maximize their effort when there is no stress.

Due to the fact that we do not “sell products” we can always accept one more “extra profitable” project.

Knowledge based concept. No 8-17 workdays. Flexibility

99% of our workers have higher education and do not need strict rules to be effective. On the contrary- if smart people can have their freedom to choose the working method they will be many times more effective. Of course the design team rules sets some limits and people must understand that the freedom goes along with the responsibility.

Each solution must have a justification and a reason

Our design is not a coincidence. Each solution, material and choice has a reason or justification. We find the right resolution or material by considering and analyzing many of them. Only then we can be sure that the one we are offering to client is the right one. There is no coincidence.

Construction price is always on the mind

When designing we know that one criteria for choosing materials or solutions is the price. Our consultants have a great overview of the material prices in the construction field and can optimize the building by choosing the material by quality/price relation.

Innovative and no delays

The innovation is not only the new materials or programs, but also how we run our company. We treat our people to encourage them to do more and to be effective by using less time doing that. We are contributing on how to implement the best techniques to lead our highly educated people.


This is our effective way how to avoid errors in the projects. When humans are doing something there will always be errors. It is human nature. Besides self control we have also established  we the checklist system to reduce errors in the projects. There will be no stoppages on the building site when you use our projects.

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